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A History Lesson

In 2015, we launched a part-time school at our House at Stanford to support patients' and siblings' remedial education needs during prolonged and often complex medical treatments far from home. With an average length of time of 56 days at the time, education support was essential to helping kids collaborate with and stay on track with their hometown school districts.

Operating a few hours a day, we identified the needed to provide comprehensive and adaptive education for children to achieve their learning goals, maintain normalcy, and build relationships with peers as classmates. 

To meet children's educational needs, we established a designated classroom space during our House at Stanford's expansion project.

In 2017, we partnered with the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) to establish a full-day K-12 school available for any school-aged patient and/or sibling staying at our House at Stanford..

School's In!

Taught by a certified PAUSD teacher, the school is recognized as an official district site, which allows students to earn course credit, receive official grades, and access district-funded
specialists and parent aids.

Working in collaboration with our Family Support Services (FSS) team our RMH School teacher and support volunteers create holistic education programs for students during and between school hours.

During it's first year of full operations, RMH School served 144 students.

In August 2018, RMH School began it's second full year of operations.

School's Out!

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