Help take something off RMHC Bay Area families' plates by putting something delicious on them!
Daily no-cost meals are our most-appreciated service after overnight accommodations and provide families necessary nourishment, precious time together, and meaningful cost savings during medical crises.
Developed in collaboration with our partners at Google Food and Sysco, megaBITES invites volunteer groups to make a set donation to offset the cost of food procurment by RMHC and follow staff-guided meal preparation and service to families.
Our corporate and community megaBITES partners help provide more than 1,200 meals annually and feed families of three for less than $10 per meal!
We need corporate and community support to meet megaBITES meal needs at our Houses at Stanford and in San Francisco nearly every day of the year.

Voluteer for MEGABITES at both of our Ronald McDonald HOUSES! 

You and your team(s) are welcome and encouraged reserve megaBITES meals at our Houses at Stanford and in San Francisco!

Sign Up for megaBITES!

Looking for an impactful teambuilding opportunity supporting families in need? Click below to learn more and sign up for megaBITES!
Groups are encouraged to prepare and serve megaBITES meals at both of our Ronald McDonald House locations!
megaBITES - House at Stanford   megaBITES - House in San Francisco